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Download and install the Pirate Bay Pro

If you are here for the first time, you might want to become aware of what The Pirate Bay and the Pro version of it exactly mean. Briefly, the place is a huge system of online file sharing, where people share latest movies, music, software and computer games and everyone who has become a user of The Pirate Bay, can download these files. It works on the Gnutella peer-to-peer network ( which is the first and largest P2P network of its kind. Today millions of members share audio, video, application files and much more on The Pirate Bay system. Due to the long-term development and millions of users, it is the most popular P2P search engine driven on a bittorrent platform, and what is most important of all – file sharing and downloading is free for users.

The Pirate Bay Pro 2011 – new torrents, faster downloading

Usual torrent engines provide much infected and corrupt files, and often have a lack of seeders. This leads to bad performance of the torrent tracker. Problem solved by the new Pirate Bay Pro engine that has new torrents of latest high-quality movies and music, most popular software and games, plus it has 300% faster download speed – up to 8 Mbps. You will find the fastest seeders with the Pirate Bay Pro 2011 search. Our team is making great efforts to keep the files clean and correct.

More about The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the most well-known and used peer-to-peer torrent search worldwide. Due to the wide usage, simple interface and great technical support, Pirate Bay is the most valuable P2P search engine on the market. Torrents are checked regularly for clean and correct files, that no other torrent site does. New 2011 torrents are now available with latest HD movies, original music, best software and popular games ( – and all of this in the reach of your hand. It needs just a few clicks to browse the new files added daily. Our new torrent search makes it easy to find what is new, with most seeders or according to the popularity ranking.

The new Pirate Bay Pro engine was launched in January 2011 which makes it more qualitative and faster. The team is improving the search system daily to keep the quality of torrents at maximum level. The Pirate Bay Pro provides instant access to best seeders worldwide, HD video files, high-quality music, and much more. Downloading media has never been as easy and fast as it is with the Pirate Bay Pro. Download HD quality video files in minutes. The best thing about it, is that it is free of charge for users! It has made a noticable turn in the world of P2P networking. Your own membership is just a few minutes away, join Pirate Bay today and feel the benefits of the Pro version.

How to use The Pirate Bay torrents

Torrents provide the possibility to download best audio-video files and applications, computer games and other media with minutes. Torrents are added to The Pirate Bay on a daily basis and corrupt files are removed before they are shared. If you are new to it, just take a few minutes to download and install TPB downloader. Use the search engine to find the suitable media or applications and add them to the download section of the bittorrent. The Pirate Bay Pro boosts up the download speed up to 12Mbps. This makes it the most comfortable and wanted P2P torrent engine in the world. Millions of satisfied people are using it.

History: The Pirate Bay

P2P file sharing has been existing for a little more than ten years, after the establishment of Gnutella network in early 2000. A programmer from Sweden, Gottfrid Svartholm started to create something huge and powerful in the world of peer-to-peer. With Frederik Neij and Peter Sunde, The Pirate Bay was launched in 2003. With this product they had changed the market of P2P torrent engines. The Pirate Bay became popular at once. Just in the first month it got its first hundred thousand users. Pirate Bay was successfully tested with every operating system to work properly. Soon The Pirate Bay started to function under the Gnutella network to provide file sharing worldwide. Besides, its usage has begun to grow rapidly since 2008. Today it is the most popular P2P search engine with the largest number of users any torrent environment has ever had. The Pirate Bay Pro network is the most effective and useful decision for P2P file sharing. In March 2009 The Pirate Bay introduced a new feature that allows to share links to torrents on Facebook. Soon in May Facebook ( started to block these links according to file sharing restrictions. After the disputes that lasted for months, Facebook has been starting to comply with the links of torrents. Since 2010, it has been the main torrent engine where users share qualitative media. The Pirate Bay Pro torrents perform by receiving small bits of files from hundreds and thousands of different locations at the same time. The international community of this peer-to-peer engine is a crowded and beneficial place where even newbies can start sharing files under helpful support. Our torrent engine is free of spyware, consists of clean and non-infected files, provides ultimate download speed and is free for users. Today still having the massive growth in the numbers of joining members, Pirate Bay is definitely the right place to trade media, games and other wanted files.

Start with Fast Downloading

We all use the internet for similar purposes. Whether it’s online shopping or playing games with others across the world, an internet connection gives us access to whatever we want to find. When it comes to finding movies, television shows, software and other types of media and files, we often have a hard time finding them without having to pay some sort of fee. That’s where The Pirate Bay Pro comes in. Commonly abbreviated as TBP, The Pirate Bay is a BitTorrent tracker that allows anyone in the world to upload and download a huge variety of files (, from the latest software programs to the newest music, games, e-books and everything in between.

What is a BitTorrent Tracker?

It’s not simple to explain the functions of a torrent tracker without getting into the very technical details. As a basic description, a torrent tracker is a server, much like the kind on which any website is hosted, that allows other computers to communicate while using the BitTorrent protocol. A Torrent is known as a file that tells a computer program, or client, where to find the files it’s looking for. So, for example, if you wanted to download a particular piece of software, you would first need a BitTorrent client program in order to use it to interpret a Torrent file, which contains information for where to find the file you’re trying to download. With the Pirate Bay Pro version you do not need any additional software, though the free Pirate Bay downloader would make your life even easier. So the information inside the Torrent file is just a list of BitTorrent trackers, like The Pirate Bay, which help to connect the people who are downloading a file with the people who are uploading it. In order for a file to be downloaded, there needs to be someone uploading it to them. This is known as a peer-to-peer connection, because each person or computer (a peer) downloading a file connects directly to each computer (also a peer) uploading the file. A tracker helps to connect the two sides so that they could talk to each other and transfer the files. After that initial connection is made, the tracker is no longer needed for the two peers to communicate.

What’s So Special About the Pirate Bay Pro?

There have been many BitTorrent trackers over the years. Some of them have been public trackers, meaning that they’re open to anyone who wants to use them, while others have been private trackers, meaning that only a limited amount of members are able to use them. The private trackers usually have some requirements for the members to upload files in order to be allowed to download files. That may be seen as an unfavorable thing, but private trackers are generally considered to keep their members safer from being tracked by law enforcement due to their limited membership. The Pirate Bay Pro is special because it is the largest public BitTorrent tracker in the world. It keeps the information of its users safe. While others have been forced to shut down, TPB has remained open for many years and continues to be the go-to destination for people downloading Torrent files.