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Happy 9th anniversary!

Years go by, and despite the struggling against authorities, Pirate Bay is now already nine years old. Let’s celebrate it together!

Even employees in anti-piracy companies use BitTorrent

In the last few weeks, one of the things that have made the news is the anti-piracy activities that have been used by companies with one of them being the Microsoft. Some of these antics that have been used include funding the poisoning of BitTorrent startups and the censoring of the Pirate Bay. This shows

Some countries have TPB blocked

So what could you basically do, if your country has blocked the access to TPB but you still want to use it?! Read more and you will get a solution. Swedish website, Pirate Bay, hosts .torrent and magnet links. In this networking site user can share any kind of electronics files, software, computer games via

The Pirate Bay is here to stay

We live in the age of the internet where anything that you desire is literally a click away.  There is no information you can’t find on the web free of cost. Pirate Bay works on the same principle but in a slightly more notorious fashion. The Pirate Bay is a website which originated in Sweden.

The Pirate Bay through the time

If you are looking for a website that hosts both torrent files and magnet links, then you may not find a better or bigger place than The Pirate Bay. It is the largest website in the world for torrent downloads. Sharing of electronic files among different users has also been possible with the help of

Happy 8th anniversary Pirate Bay!

It has been eight years from now when the largest bittorrent engine was founded, in August 2003. During these long years Pirate Bay has been the most stable and reliable file sharing network on the web providing its users best possibilities for downloading large sized files. Today we are celebrating our birthday among the latest

The Pirate Bay blocked by Comcast – Pro still available

Comcast has blocked the Pirate Bay for its customers, the torrent site remains available for other users. On Thursday morning many Comcast users claimed TorrentFreak that they couldn’t use Pirate Bay properly. Technicians confirmed that the issue is with their internet service provider (ISP) and they cannot access the site. Although they cannot access the

Comeback with the Pirate Bay Pro

The Pirate Bay is striving for a comeback, they want to develop their illegal file sharing world nuances towards more modern ways. That is why they have purchased two more domains – The Music Bay and the Pirate Bay Pro to look into different legal ways of sharing music and movies online. The Pirate Bay

The court case in Sweden

Despite the several attempts by authorities to shut down The Pirate Bay, the world’s largest torrent site has been saved according to a Swedish appeals court. Though Pirate Bay will still be active, the three men behind it, Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundstrom are guilty of breaking the law of copyrights. The men