The Pirate Bay Pro is the world’s largest torrent tracking site. Bittorrent is a file sharing protocol that ables users to download large size files fast and without any additional costs.

So it is a public tracker where every user can download movies, music, games and other applications. For downloading, commenting and support, you need to sign up as a member. Using the Pirate Bay Pro as a member, is free of charge, of course.

The community of Pirate Bay is very wide and large. That is why there could be materials which could offend somebody. If you find anything of that kind, there is no need to contact us, just search for something more positive, because our team is making efforts daily to keep the files clean but we cannot assure you the content of the materials. The Pirate Bay Pro only removes content that is not appropriate to the name.

The server of the Pirate Bay Pro consists of all kinds of files in different formats – audio, video, software, games, tv shows and much more. After you have become a user, you can download all these files without any fees. You can see the Usage Policy for more information or Contact Us.




Q: What is Pirate Bay?

A: It is the most popular P2P torrent tracker worldwide, that gives its members possibilities to download unlimited files for free.


Q: What does the Pro version do?

A: It is the new and better version, released in 2011, and makes the downloading 3x faster with lots of more torrents and choices regarding P2P torrent search. Now members can get HD movies, best quality audio and sound files, games, software, ebooks and more.


Q: What can I do with Pirate Bay?

A: You can share files with other users and download movies, music, games and software applications.


Q: How many people use the Pirate Bay Pro?

A: It has almost 3,000,000 users today.


Q: How can I use it?

A: Download the software by clicking the Download button in the menu.


Q: How much does downloading cost?

A: It is free for members.


Q: I cannot log in. Please help!

A: Be sure you have entered the correct username and password that were sent to your e-mail. Also be sure to check Junk Mail. If you still aren’t able to log in, use the login provided with the e-mail or contact our support using the Contact Us button in the menu.


Q: I want to uninstall

A: Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Uninstall – find the program and activate it. Click to Uninstall/Remove. The program will be removed from your device.