Even employees in anti-piracy companies use BitTorrent

In the last few weeks, one of the things that have made the news is the anti-piracy activities that have been used by companies with one of them being the Microsoft. Some of these antics that have been used include funding the poisoning of BitTorrent startups and the censoring of the Pirate Bay. This shows that the company is very much determined to attack piracy. The irony in this however is that even after all these efforts; there are still many Microsoft employees who use BitTorrent for the sharing and downloading of movies that are pirated.  The anti- piracy company should therefore maybe educate their employees on the anti-piracy issue first before anything else.

These revelations comes from the YouHaveDownloaded site, that was launched last year and contains very incriminating data of those people who use BitTorrent to pirate movies and other files all over the world. When using the site, you can be able to see what those behind a certain IP address have downloaded with the BitTorrent. The data on what people have downloaded was collected from the public trackers of the BitTorrent and it was then released just to show that as much information as possible about the BitTorrent users who never bother to hide their IP addresses when downloading can be found.

Even though the founders of the site have claimed that their mission is accomplished and that they will not be adding any information to the site, the fact is that the information that is already there is available and can still be accessed. The data can thus still be used to reveal BitTorrent pirates in the corporate. Microsoft Company, especially in the recent weeks has been taking very strong position against the infringers of copyrights. They have for example censored the links of Pirate Bay in the Windows Live Messenger, have been behind a startup whose purpose is to kill off the BitTorrent traffic and it has also been noted that they are at the top of sending notices of DMCA takedown to the Google search engine.

The fact that Microsoft is an anti-piracy company leaves one asking whether they are capable of preventing their staff from downloading pirated content from the BitTorrent site using the office connections. Using the YouHaveDownloaded site, it is revealed that this is in fact not the case and that the employees of the company still access the BitTorrent. When you look up the IP addresses which are used by the Microsoft then searching them on YouHaveDownloaded will show you this very incriminating truth.

Some of the results of downloads that come from the Microsoft’s office are movies such as the Bordertown, the Debt and the Blind. Don’t be surprised to see that some of the results of the downloaded content even include adult film although some of the contents are educational and even others inspiration. These revelations show that even employees of anti-piracy companies will still use BitTorrent to download pirated content. This is however not much of a surprise as even in the past pirated content has been found to have been downloaded from the most unlikely places such as Church of God, the House of Representatives and even the French’s president palace.