Some countries have TPB blocked

So what could you basically do, if your country has blocked the access to TPB but you still want to use it?! Read more and you will get a solution.

Swedish website, Pirate Bay, hosts .torrent and magnet links. In this networking site user can share any kind of electronics files, software, computer games via Bit Torrent. This networking site bills “The most popular Bit Torrent site”. And this site is ranking 77th most visited networking sites in the world and 13th in Sweden. The torrent engine has five million plus registered users. And the system hosts over 3.5 million torrent files. As per the Los Angeles Times, this networking site is “the biggest facilitators of downloading in the networking world”.

Swedish anti-copyright organization established TPB site in November 2003. From October 2004, this network has been run as a separate organization.  It was founded by two persons, Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm. On 31 May 2006, Swedish police organized a raid and took down the torrent site, leading to three days of downtime. This site has been involved in lots of lawsuits, in both as plaintiff and also as defendant. On 17th April 2009, these two persons were finding guilty for assistance to copyright infringement and also they were pushed into prison for a one year with 30 million SEK of penalty. On 26th November 2010, court decreasing original prison terms but the court increased fine from 30 million SEK to 46 million SEK. On 17th May 2010, the site was offline due to injunction against bandwidth provider. PQR, a Sweden-based company is hosting this large search engine. This company is provided “highly secure and no-question-asked” hosting service.

TPB allows users to search and also download the Pirate Bay files. Pirate Bay Download always applies for electronic files like videos, applications, games, other and porn. Normally the porn category is not for all users. It’s for only the registered and logged-in users. Registered users need to provide an email address and they can use the torrent system for free. Users can upload their own files and can comment on each file. TPB enables users to see any kind of audio, video and games as well as also comics, audio books. Non-registered users can’t use the Pirate Bay Download. They have to register for downloading electronic files. In this networking site, category contents can be sorted by file name and also by other types like number of seeds, date of posted, etc. Despite the fact that Pirate Bay is not an illegal website, it has been blocked in such international countries like Denmark (2008), Finland (2011), Germany (2010), Greece (2010), Ireland (2010), Italy (2008), Malaysia (2011), Netherland (2009), Norway (2009), Republic of China (2008), Sweden (2010), United Kingdom, Belgium (2010). And it has been blocked by Facebook in 2009. United Kingdom blocked this site for copyright infringement and for pornographic torrents.

TPB download cannot be used in countries where it is blocked. But all users from these locations can remove the block by changing their ISP, or they can just use the new Pirate Bay Pro! Everyone can sign up this network for free and can download or see pornographic videos freely. Some countries have blocked the usual Pirate Bay search engine in their locations, and others block it for copyright infringement; therefore, the Pro can be accessed everywhere.