Usage Policy

Usage Policy of the website

This is an informative site with lots of useful information as well as a file downloader for online users. We do not provide any torrent files. What comes to user’s privacy, we will never reveal your personal information that you give us during the visit to any third party. The website may collect visitors’ IP address, cookies and date/time of the visit. This is only for statistics and advertising purposes. Our free service may show users free additional offers from third parties that we have no control over after the user leaves our website. The data of members is safe with us. Personal users and companies both can use the torrent program in ways it is meant to – downloading and sharing large size files fast and easily.

The site cannot be used for adopting the usage of the tracker, log ip addresses or any other private information we do not share with third parties. If you suspect this could be the case with you, please contact us for further information.

The torrent program works in private means. We do not guarantee our free service to be available for everybody all the time, but we are making efforts to provide the service stable. We are not responsible for any loss of revenue or download failure. We keep the application run stable, you can contact us if any problems occur.

Users take the responsibility of the files that they share online. Spreading malicious and illegal materials is not our approved. Users who violate the Usage Policy in purpose, will be banned from using the file downloader.
The policy may change in time. You agree the terms above by using our free application.

Last updated: 2011-03-02